Pitch Fairy 


Stuck on a pitch OR OVERWHELMED? 😩

Not sure what editors want?🤦‍♀️


Sounds like you need the Pitch🧚Fairy 🙌🙌🙌

Using efficient, intensive consulting sessions, I work with writers and storytellers to help their idea become the best it can be.


The goal: By the end of a Pitch Fairy session, the storyteller feels more confident in their idea's trajectory, and is able to take away workable steps they can implement to improve the chances that their idea is ultimately published, viewed or aired.

In these 30 minute sessions I offer you guidance via a 5-step process:

  1. Review your pitch

  2. Offer constructive feedback

  3. Workshop its concept with you

  4. Work with you to determine how the pitch can be improved to meet your goals

  5. Brainstorm appropriate placement and timing



Sessions focus on one pitch at a time, with the goal of securing the right placement for the pitch you develop.


Each session is individualized to your needs. We'll work one-on-one, focusing on your both your long-term goals and your goals for this pitch. 


The session will also help you think outside of the box with your story. Maybe there is an angle or concept you haven't considered? Maybe your idea is better suited to video or audio?


We'll work together to imagine the various directions your concept can go, whether book, film, story, or show. 


Pitch Fairy🧚 sessions are available at your convenience, day or night, or whenever inspiration strikes.


We can do sessions by phone, video or messaging. (I usually suggest a combination of phone plus Google docs, so we can speak and look at your work together at the same time.) But whatever way works best for you is what we'll do.

Spanish & Portuguese sessions are available as well for the same cost.


About Me: I am a longtime full-time freelance writer, and I have placed hundreds of stories in top publications. Which means I've also had my pitches rejected hundreds of times.😅

I've been there, and I can help.



A Pitch Fairy🧚 Session costs $30 for 30 minutes. 


Longer sessions price according to that scale ($40 for 40 minutes, and so on).

Payment is made 10 minutes before the session begins, via Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle. Other forms of payment may be accepted with prior arrangements.

Please note:

Pitch Fairy🧚 sessions are not intended to be used to obtain my contacts, nor for me to steal your ideas (no way!).

Rather, in the spirit of peer support, and "I've been there" sympathy, these sessions are designed to help storytellers who are feeling frustrated, uninspired, or lost uncover their story's top potential. I'm here to help lift you and your ideas up.

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Next steps 

I'll reach out to you to arrange a time for us to speak. I'll try to be available at the time you request, but I hope you understand if I can't be (#fulltimefreelancer), and I will work with you to set a different time.


I'll call you, so please make sure you'll be at the same number you've included here at the time of our session.

Before our session

1) Please plug your idea/pitch concept/draft/situation into a Google doc and share the link with me, allowing me editing permissions. My email is shannongsims@gmail.com.

We'll work from the Google doc together, so you'll want to be near your computer for our call. If you are applying for a fellowship or grant, or if you are responding to a call for some kind of specific pitch, please include a link to that application or paste the call in your doc as well, so I can see what you're aiming for.


2) Please Venmo/Paypal/etc $30 for your first 30 minutes. I'll confirm with you that I've received it. My Venmo is shannon-sims-1 and my Paypal is shannongsims@gmail.com.

Looking forward to speaking with you! 🧚