August 20, 2015

'Avila, by all accounts the brightest math brain Brazil has ever grown, was overlooked.


July 27, 2015

A former accountant plans on giving the world's most dominant athlete the 'beating of her life.'

October 28, 2014

Walking up the driveway, her dad waves me in from the front door with a lavender rubber glove on his hand, 'Sorry! I was in the backyard!' He walks me in through the Tuscan courtyard in the middle of the house, complete with a bubbling fountain and dripping vines....


October 27, 2014

And today, exactly one week after a stunning performance on a world stage, my photographer and I sit around casually with Simone and her father, Ron. Though it’s a school night, we sit for a whole three hours — time that, in a few years, will be worth millions.


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