July 31, 2016

If pattern keeps, there is no indication the deluge of bad news stories out of Rio will halt any time soon.

But there is good news to be had amidst the bad. And it’s the good news we need most these days.

July 30, 2016

Today Brazil’s former president, Luiz Inacio da Silva was formally charged in the historic Lava Jato, or Car Wash, corruption investigation.

July 29, 2016

In a powerful symbolic act on Wednesday night, a small group of protesters succeeded in extinguishing the Olympic torch.

July 28, 2016

In many ways, Brazilians live in a pre-9/11 world. Although they might be used to heavily armed criminals and police in their cities, they are largely unfamiliar with international terrorism.

July 20, 2016

This morning, a Brazilian judge determined that Whatsapp, the main form of communication for millions of Brazilians, should be shut down.

July 5, 2016

'Nestled among these regular characters of Brazilian street nights is the late-night scene stealer, the cachorro-quente or Brazilian hot dog.'

July 2, 2016

Which American athletes are primed for stardom this summer?

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