March 28, 2015

Who would have guessed that the answer for the wishy-washy traveler in all of us is actually not an app but good old-fashioned ingenuity, provided by loopholes that the travel industry hopes you won't figure out. Link


March 9, 2015

'All sorts of cases come across his desk, from those involving police brutality to racial discrimination and even inmate deaths. But one of his primary jobs these days is, well, pot management.'

March 8, 2015

They slept in the open in blizzard conditions; hiked up and down icy mountain ridges; and fired guns while racing downhill on wobbly wooden skis, thrown off balance by their heavy packs.


March 8, 2015

There’s a saying in Texas: “What starts here changes the world.” It seems like a stereotypically oversize Texan attitude, but these days, it’s pretty true.


March 2, 2015

Last year twice as many students scored 1000, a perfect score on the essay, and only 100,000 scored zero.

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