September 25, 2014

'She seems like the perfect candidate. Maybe that’s why so many Brazilians are worried.' Link


September 23, 2014

'It takes a certain kind of people to want to eat vast quantities of Velveeta cheese. Those people are called Texans.' Link


September 17, 2014

'After years of turning a blind eye and wrist-slapping, Brazil may be poised finally to wield a stick to combat it.' Link

September 13, 2014

How Tube Socks Help You Get Laid in New Orleans. Link


September 9, 2014

Even so, something special happens on Tuesday nights in the historic district of Pelourinho that outweighs all those negatives: an amazing confluence of Afro-Brazilian religion, dance and song. Link


September 4, 2014

Just 3 ingredients needed.


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