July 25, 2014

His wildly popular predecessor established the court as a crusading enforcer of honest government. And now Lewandowski finds himself pronounced guilty in the rabid, fluid court of public opinion, accused of enabling corruption.


July 23, 2014

'It may sound inverted, but by eating the seeds, you are actually supporting the survival of the remaining trees by incentivizing people to keep them standing.'


July 18, 2014

'As world travelers know, finding peanut butter in Britain does not make you a hero. Finding peanut butter in Buenos Aires, Maputo, or Manila, though, calls for a theme party.' Link


July 15, 2014

'The fact is that Lampião was, strictly speaking, nothing more than a murdering, raping, pillaging bandit. And yet today, he’s a folk hero. It’s something about Brazilians: They admire the fight against the powers that be, the fight of the unlikely anarchist, the under...

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